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Call me a baby when it comes to pain. Debbie laughs at my aches and pains–I suppose I deserve it. We spent a couple of days with our Student Ministries Director, Scotty Gibbons & his family at the Texas Back Institute in Plano, TX. He was there to have back surgery. For 18 years he has endured horrible pain with incredible grace and God has used his ministry in a powerful way. More than once I’ve thought of Paul’s thorn in the flesh and how he wrote God’s power is “made perfect in weakness.” Some things are a mystery, Oral Roberts said healing is one of them. We’re praying the hands of medicine and prayer will bring healing to Scotty’s back. God used the pain…I can’t wait to see what He does through Scotty and Casey without it.

For more details on Scotty’s surgery and recovery check out Scotty’s blog @ Scottygibbons.com

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